A Surprise!!!! ✨👾✨👾✨👾

The update for Hi-Score Boi will be released TODAY in celebration of Creator Day here on itch.io! I hope you enjoy all the new content and features! And I definitely hope you enjoy the addition of volume control 🥲😅! Thanks for all of your support and patience! Let’s see those high scores!!

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The trailer doesn’t reveal much about how the game is played and controlled. I’d appreciate it if you let me know a bit about the gameplay and what the challenges are.

I’m sorry that you couldn’t tell from the trailer. It’s a little bit outdated from the game’s original release! But a new trailer is in the works. It’s a clicker that represents you playing as someone else. A “meta” game as some put it. The challenges are to get a high score in either mode. The progress is saved so you can challenge your old scores. Comparing it to the Steam version (which hasn’t been updated yet), you get achievements for hitting specific scores! The Steam achievements also tell a light story if you read the names of them ✨